The Great Miracle

The long-awaited Great Miracle of GARABANDAL will follow within twelve months of the Warning, but it does not have to fall within the same calendar year.

  • Before the Miracle takes place, a proliferation of FALSE APPARITIONS of Our Lady will be occurring all over the world, with the permission of God, to allow the Devil his chance to obscure Garabandal from the public. But the defeat of these false apparitions will come about with the performance of this definitive Miracle from the true apparitions that produced it.
  • On the day of the Miracle there will be a great ecclesiastical happening in the Church. It isn't a complicated event, but a very simple one. It has happened before, but not in Conchita's lifetime. The Miracle will occur after this event.
  • Conchita alone knows the full date of the Miracle, but was forbidden by the Blessed Virgin to reveal it until EIGHT DAYS BEFOREHAND.
  • It will take place on a Thursday evening, on or between the 8th and the 16th of either April or May (March has been eliminated due to a recent update from Conchita that it will not occur in this month)
  • It will be seen only by those who are in Garabandal itself, or anywhere in the surrounding mountains PROVIDED THAT THE PINES ARE IN VIEW. The rest of the world will see it via television.
  • The day on which the Miracle occurs will be that of the Feast of a Martyr of the Eucharist, WHO IS NOT A NATIVE OF SPAIN. (Conchita described the life and death of this martyr, who is apparently St. Tarcisius, but Conchita will not confirm the identity. Currently the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Tarcisius on August 15, but this apparently is not his true Feastday.)
  • The Pope will see the Miracle from wherever he is at the time, and PADRE PIO also. (for the explanation of Padre Pio seeing the miracle, keep reading)
  • The sick who are physically present at the Miracle will be cured, the sinners will be converted, and the incredulous will believe.
  • After the Miracle, a permanent, visible, SUPERNATURAL SIGN will be left in the air above the Pines in Garabandal as perpetual proof of the Garabandal apparitions. Both the Miracle and the Sign can be filmed and photographed.
  • As a result of the Miracle, RUSSIA WILL FINALLY BE CONVERTED. (see FATIMA for detailed explanation of this)
  • After the Miracle, the doubts of visionary Mari Cruz Gonzalez about the authenticity of her role in the Garabandal apparitions will completely disappear and she will reaffirm forever the truth of her visions. On the day of the Miracle, the paper that the Church authorities in Santander forced Conchita to sign stating that the appartions were not true will "vanish from existence."
  • On the day after the Miracle, the body of Father Luis Maria Andreu will be found incorrupt in his grave. As of now it is in a skeletal condition. (see GARABANDAL for Father Luis' role in Garabandal as the "fifth visionary" of Garabandal.)

Now we all know that Padre Pio died in 1968. (See both PADRE PIO and GARABANDAL pages for full background on the stigmatist's connection with Garabandal) Yet The Blessed Virgin told Conchita during the apparitions that he would see the Great Miracle. Conchita herself was upset when she learned that he died and the Miracle was a long ways off. However, when Conchita met with his spiritual director, Father Cennamo, at LOURDES so that Father could give Conchita the veil Padre Pio bequeathed to her, she was told that Padre Pio saw the Great Miracle in a vision just before he died, and confided this secret to Father Cennamo.

But for THE POPE to see the Miracle from wherever he happens to be in the world at the time, demonstrates the urgency of Heaven for the Church to recognize the apparitions of Garabandal and the severity of the truths and prophecies it has given to us for the times in which we live.

Melanie Mathieu, the elder of the two visionaries of LASALETTE, spoke frequently in the latter years of her life about the coming CHASTISEMENT that was forecast for the world at a future time. But even more remarkably, she spoke prophetically about the Miracle in the only correlating prophecy on this event I have been able to find outside of Garabandal in the lives of the Saints. Pope St. Pius X may have also referred to it when he spoke of "a Great Sign" that would given to humanity through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the latter days.

(excerpted from the book The Final Prophecies of Garabandal by Marc Conza)

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